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Vision & Mission

At Haven Hill, our vision is to be a Care Facility of Choice meaning that any of our partners would enthusiastically refer their family member, friend or colleague to be a part of our community. We are dedicated to quality, safety & accountability and our mission is to provide exceptional care & services.

We seek to fulfill our Vision and Mission by:

  1. Fostering a safe home-like setting that responds to the various health needs of the resident and supports our staff. We seek to enhance dignity and promote companionship;
  2. Promoting collaboration between our residents, their family, staff members, volunteers and the community at large. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach to planning & developing programs that actively involves the resident and/or family;
  3. Attaining & maintaining health and independence by assisting residents with care and daily living. We offer choice, respect privacy and personal decisions and accommodate the right to take risks – as long as those risks do not place others in jeopardy. We create an atmosphere that honours the individual and their religious and cultural beliefs;
  4. Pursuing continuous improvement through quality programs to ensure resident safety every time. We encourage the implementation of best practices, provide opportunities for on-going education and participate in research;
  5. Contributing to the community by offering our facility’s resources to the community and sharing our knowledge for educational purposes. We strive to be a contributor and participant in the overall community and help our residents to do the same.