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Our core values provide the guiding principles for our actions and decisions. They describe what we believe in and how we will live our mission and achieve our vision.

  1. Residents First. At Haven Hill, we are resident-centered meaning that our actions and services are determined through the eyes of the resident. We include the family and friends where ever possible along with other community supports to help direct the best outcome. To achieve this focus, respect and professionalism are mandatory for all communications.
  2. Safety. We believe in the philosophy that “safety starts first with me”. We expect people to take action and then follow-up with review for ongoing improvement. Our quality work is guided by this key value.
  3. Working together. We actively seek ways to engage in teamwork and pursue partnerships. Haven Hill believes that “many hands make light work” and we look for input from others to reveal ways to better serve our residents…together.
  4. Learning. At Haven Hill, every exchange provides an opportunity for learning and mentoring to help us continually grow and develop. We look for evidence to inform our practices and we contribute to knowledge by sharing successes & challenges.
  5. Innovation. Being creative and exploring ways to improve are a part of daily life at Haven Hill. We look to challenge routines to see how we can make it better with the same resources.
  6. Efficiency. Simply put - we value best value.